Cape Coast Technical University Team en Route to Berlin Germany to Represent Africa and Ghana

The Founders Boot Camp Stage 2 is an initiative of RWTH Aachen University Entrepreneurship Center, Aachen, Germany that offers a platform for young technology entrepreneurs to showcase their technology initiative before European investors. This boot camp will offer 50 European Universities and our participating team (CCTU) a special opportunity to pitch their projects to potential funding partners with an audience of over 500.

Our organization, in partnership with RWTH Aachen University, organized the Founders Boot Camp Stage 2 precursor in Ghana for university student teams to pitch their business ideas/ tech innovation which was held at the University of Ghana (UG) from 27th to 28th April 2023 and culminated in Cape Coast Technical University emerging as winning team. This team is currently en route to Berlin to participate in the final contest in Berlin.

This is the first time Africans will be participating in the Founders Boot Camp Stage 2 which has a cash prize of over 3,500,000 euros and above all, historic for the only female representative of Africa and Ghana.

The above is in fulfillment of PAMEPI Women in Tech Ghana’s goal of empowering women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Our profound appreciation and gratitude go to RWTH Aachen University and Entrepreneurship Center for this strategic partnership and above all, for funding the students’ flight tickets and hotel bills.

Our best wishes to the Africa and Ghana team.

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