Ghana Mobile Library Project

Ghana Mobile Library Project - USA

As a response to the lack of sufficient libraries and in continuing its efforts to provide “Education for All” in Northern Region, PAMEPI is launching an innovative project to make up for library shortages by creating a mobile library system for the Northern Region which will also be used to service rural communities in the Region by permitting the circulation of books and other reading materials among schools. PAMEPI, in collaboration with Cranford Rotary Club and Somerset County Educational Services Commission, is transforming a 55 seaters school bus into a proper Mobile Library and when completed will be shipped to Ghana. After being used by one particular community school pupils for a specific period of time (e.g. 1 month) the contents of the library will then be transferred to another rural school for some time, and then to another school. By the end of the academic year, several schools and several thousand pupils will have had access to library materials.

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