About Us

Who we are

We are a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) legally registered under the laws of Ghana with the Registrar General’s Department (G-21,969) operating in Ghana West Africa, was born with the mission to bring about quality education and improve upon the lives of deprived children, Youth, and the needy people through equal access to education and sustainable development.

Our Vision

To bring about quality and improved life to deprived people equal access to education and opportunities for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To ensure quality and improved life for deprived communities through advocacy, equal access to quality education, opportunities for sustainable development and above all, Creating a platform for brainstorming, development of ideas, projects and effecting their implementation and sustenance.

We leverage global insights and local expertise to enhance lives, promote fairness, and ensure a prosperous future for all.

We believed that the first step towards peacebuilding is when the pressing needs of the people are addressed. This includes access to quality education, health care, food security, and portable drinking water.

We also believe that creating and expanding economic opportunities that facilitate easy access to employment opportunities for both the skilled and unskilled in our society is the surest way of drifting the minds of the people from engaging in conflicts to productive ventures.

Our Projects

Our Initiatives

Working With Other Change Makers

Our Partners

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